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Getting It Together on “ICE”

spring_flower_by_raylau-d4rremuIt looks like the winter weather is finally behind us.  Temps in the 50’s today, going to 70 tomorrow.  Saw my first crocuses blooming in my garden.  All around me are the signs of spring.

Another sure sign of spring is the annual preparation of tax returns.  Tax season is met with many mixed emotions.  Will I get a refund?  Will I owe more money than expected?  Do I have all the information needed to make sure I get the maximum legal deductions?  Can I complete everything on time?

You may have everything beautifully organized or you may have everything in one big box that will have to be sorted and recorded before you can begin the process.  What ever your system is or is not.  Now is the ideal time to find all the important papers that should be in in your “ICE” (In Case Of Emergency)File

Pull out of the piles of paper: your home and auto insurance renewals, life insurance statements, health insurance documentation, Retirement account statements, Dividend notices, Banking info, mortgage statements.  Gather up your passports, copy drivers license, vehicle registrations, birth certificates, divorce decree, marraige license, and legal documents.

Find the model numbers and warranty documents for new purchases made during the year.

You will be surprised at how many documents you can assemble as you pull things together for you taxes.

Once you have the information on what you have in place it will be much easier to figure out what you are missing in your planning process.  It will be much easier to fill in the blanks and create your complete plan.


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Now is the time to take care of this important task for you and your family’s peace of mind

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