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Welcome 2016, What’s Your Plan?

2016 (8)It is the beginning of a brand new year.  We envision what 2016 will bring.  The possibilities seen unlimited.  We make our resolutions.  We set our goals.  We dare to dream.


Is one of your goals to create and complete your disaster planning?


I am talking about really thinking through and getting it all together.

You may be thinking I have everything covered.

You may be thinking I am too young to worry about those things.

You may be thinking I have plenty of time to worry about that.

The truth is you may not have everything covered, disaster can happen at any age, and disaster can happen at any time.  Death, illness, job loss, natural disasters, and a million small things can happen at any time.  The time to prepare is before disaster strikes.  Advance preparation will help you avoid making mistakes, reduce the chaos, and accelerate your recovery from disaster.

The time to plan is NOW!Plan-Ahead-Sign-v5

We all have things in place. It may be Life Insurance through your company or on your own.  You may have homeowners and health insurance in place.  You may have your financial planning well thought through.  Disaster planning is so much more.  You may be missing key components to your planning.  Those are the things that can really hurt you in a disaster.

It’s time to identify and fill in the gaps in your planning.

It’s time to pull it all together so that you or your family can access the information if needed.

It’s time to communicate your plans to those you love.

It’s time to make time to get it done.  Put it on the schedule.  Check off each item as you complete it.

If you don’t know where to start get a copy of “Shit Happens” Creating your plan to survive and thrive when faced with life’s personal and natural disasters.

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