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Thanksgiving – It’s About Gratitude

thanks images (10)   I’m looking at the calendar and Thursday is Thanksgiving.  2015 is winding down with it’s whirlwind of holidays and events taking us to the finish line.  Before we get caught up in the chaos, take a grateful pause.   Let that pause be Thanksgiving Day.   Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday.  There is something so comforting in it’s message of food, family, togetherness, and gratitude.

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Every family has their own thanksgiving food traditions most often around a centerpiece of Turkey.  The Turkey, native to North America.  The bird that Ben Franklin thought should be our national symbol instead of the Bald Eagle.  The Wild Turkey, fast, cautious, curious, smarter than you think is found throughout the country.   The Turkey may or may not have been on that first Thanksgiving table.  If it wasn’t it should have been there.


indians and pilgrams images (10)That 1st Thanksgiving was a shared celebration of survival.  Survival in the New World, by European settlers that were not prepared for the challenges they faced.  The local indigenous people shared their wisdom and their food to help those settlers make it through that first winter, showed them farming techniques, and helped them produce enough food to get them through the next winter.

Together they took the time to celebrate and give thanks.

Thank You, two of the most beautiful words in our language.  Words we can never here to often.  Words we can never say often enough.  I start each day saying Thank You for getting up to see another day.  Thank You for my Husband, Family, and Friends.  Thank You for the air I breath, water I drink, and so many gifts I have been given.

On Thanksgiving I make it a point to say extra Thank Yous.  When hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my home I have always included friends that find themselves alone.  I invite others to share my abundant table because no one should be alone.  My husband and I have been invited to share the table of others as well.  The Thanksgiving meal is often the result of contribution from all the attendees.  My specialty is to make the pies.  My husband is known for his creamed onions.  This adds to the wonderful feeling of community and sharing something special.

Thanksgiving beyond the grocery shopping has not been overly commercialized.  That is until recently.  The recent Black Friday Creep into Thanksgiving day saddens me greatly.  I am saddened that there are those that would rather go shopping than spend time with family and friends.  I am sad for the retail workers that must be at their jobs instead of home with their families.  I realize shopping is a choice.  But, what about those who do not have a choice because they must show up for work or risk loosing their job.  If you really must shop you have other options i.e. on-line that does not require that someone miss out on their family celebration.

For me Thanksgiving will continue to be a day spent watching the Macy’s Parade, cooking with my family, sharing a toast of gratitude and a wonderful meal, watching some football, laughing, remembering, and hugging those I love most.

This year Thanksgiving will be a little different.  My husband is having spine surgery tomorrow.  More than likely he will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving.  We will create our own special moments of gratitude together.  This I will promise.

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Thank you all for being a part of my life.  May you have a joyful Thanksgiving filled with gratitude for all that you have and all that you give to others.

My Love, Thoughts, and Gratitude to all,

Linda Fostek

The Crisis Planner

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