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Urgent vs. Important

hurricaneDo you remember what you were doing on October 22, 2012?  That was the day that Hurricane Sandy was born down in the Caribbean. The birthplace of so many of those storms.  It wound it’s way through the islands leaving destruction in it’s wake. It wasn’t until the 24th that the storm models started showing a path in our direction.
The media went into a frenzy that the Northeast had a big bulls-eye on it and was expected to take a direct hit.

Although Sandy was no longer a Hurricane when it hit Long Island there was massive damage from the storm surge which caused significant flooding on the South Shore.  Sandy’s winds turned our electrical grid into spaghetti with thousands of trees down.  Many were without power for weeks.newspaper cover

How many of us were unprepared for Sandy?  How many of us vowed to get it all together and be prepared for whatever disaster we might face in the future?  97% of us know we need to have a disaster plan in place for a wide variety of Natural and Personal Disasters, yet only 14% of us have a comprehensive plan in place.

We all promised to get things in order after Sandy, yet how many started to panic two weeks ago when a Nor’easter and Hurricane threatened to combine into a super storm once again?  We realized that we had not followed through on our post Sandy vow.

sandy floodingWe set our priorities based on the urgency and importance of the task.  The things that are urgent we must take care of and we do.  The things that are important we need to schedule to insure that they get done.  Creating your disaster plan is one of those important tasks.

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