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Bloodmoon Eclipse

lunar-eclipse-09-27-2015Did you see it?  Sunday night there was an incredible celestial event.  A total lunar eclipse.  Not just any eclipse, a full moon, a super moon, and a blood moon.  Not to be seen again until 2033.  The sky cleared just in time.  My husband and I sat on our back deck watching earth’s shadow move across the moon obscuring it’s brightness and resulting in a deep red color.  We sat mesmerized by the event in the cool night air.

I had seen this once before on a live-aboard dive-boat in the Caribbean.  That time I didn’t know it was coming.  I didn’t know what I was seeing.  I didn’t see the shadow moving across the moon.  I only saw the strange blood red color and it was a little spooky.  It wasn’t until the earth’s shadow moved and reveled a sliver of the moons brightness that I understood what I was looking at.

I can only imagine how frightening events like this were for ancient man.  headersupermooneclipse

Today we can predict where and when these events will occur.  Even when you know what is happening it can be a little unsettling.

Much like the disasters in life.  We can predict that they will occur and it will be unsettling.  We may not know exactly when which is why it is so important to be prepared for major life events such as illness or death.  When you are prepared your family will be able to survive in the aftermath.

Now is the time to get your personal disaster plan together.  Gather your important papers,  identify what you are missing, assemble a list of your URL’s, LogIns and passwords,  tell your family where everything is and what to do in an emergency.  Download your free ICE (In Case of Emergency) File checklist at

Prepare now for your Peace of Mind.

Linda Fostek

The Crisis Planner