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shabbatIt is a beautiful September day.  The sun is shining. The sky filled with puffy white clouds on a bright blue field.  The children are off from school today.  Yum Kippur, the day of atonement, the highest holy day of the Jewish calendar finds the faithful fasting and in synagogue.  It is also a day that brings the family together to break the fast at sundown.


No matter what your faith, as you bring your family together today or this evening and share a family meal or activity together.  Look closely at those you love.  Turn off that cell phone and disconnect from the noise for just a moment.  Look into each others eyes and talk to one another.  Share your feelings and really listen to what you each have to say.  Your family is so important.  Yet, we frequently take them for granted.

familydinnerB-ColorThe days go by so quickly.  We barely can keep up with everything we are doing.  It is so important to take the time to say I love you.  Take the time to say I hear you.   Take the time just to enjoy being together in the moment without distraction.  Take the time to think about this moment, this day as it is our most precious gift.


There is so much truth in the old saying:

Yesterday is History,

Tomorrow is a Mystery, download

That’s why today is called the Present…

What if there was no tomorrow?

Would your family be okay without you?

Are you sure?

How confident are you that you have all the plans in place to protect your family if you were no longer here?

The time to create your disaster plan is now.

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