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And Now What?

elephantThere is an elephant in the room. It is the subject no one wants to talk about, yet it may be the most important conversation you have with your loved ones.

Our journey through life is varied and unpredictable. Our life experiences are unique to each of us, yet we each face the same end. We do not choose the how, where, or when of our final curtain call. Young or old, healthy or ill, accident or natural causes, when it is our time it is our time.

Advance planning is essential to insure that your loved ones are taken care of. This planning is important for any disaster that you and your family may face, throughout your lifetime.

This is in fact, a LIFE planner, designed to empower you and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your life, worry less, and fearlessly pursue the happiness you deserve.
The “And Now What?”, Planning Guide and Survivors Checklist, What to do Before – Upon – and After the Death of a parent, spouse, or loved one, is designed to be a stand-alone or companion workbook, with the book, “Shit Happens” Creating Your Plan to Survive and Thrive When Faced With Life’s Personal and Natural Disasters.

Follow the templates, fill in the blanks, and gather your important documents in your ICE (In Case of Emergency) file. Share your plans with your loved ones, so that they know what to do and where to find important information. Pass a copy of this book on to your parents, siblings, and children. They will thank you for it.

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