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Responsibility and Lessons Learned

accountability-search-find-responsibile-people-credit-blame-word-under-magnifying-glass-looking-someone-to-take-42965243Life does not always go smoothly.  I am The Crisis Planner for a reason.  Unexpected things happen, whether we are prepared or not.  We procrastinate and make excuses for not putting a plan in place to protect ourselves and our families.  There are consequences for this procrastination.  We don’t see the consequences until we are facing them.  It is easy to make excuses.  It is easy to blame others, the circumstances, the weather, or anything but ourselves for our situation.

You lose a Job.

You get a DWI.

You have a heart attack.

Your finances are a mess.

Your basement floods.

You crash the car.

Your spouse leaves you.


Somehow it is never our fault.who me

We never take responsibility for our own situation.

It is time to change that thinking.

What if we took responsibility for our situation?

What if we tried to learn from our mistakes instead of trying to blame something else?

Admitting that we don’t always make the right decisions is a first step to taking responsibility.  Sometimes we choose to follow a path that does not lead us to a successful outcome.  We have the freedom to choose.  But, that freedom has both rewards and consequences.  It is up to use to choose wisely, make mistakes, and learn life’s lessons along the way.

Whenever there is a setback in life, there are lessons to learn.  Don’t wallow in your failure.  Don’t whine and blame others for the mess you are in.  Instead, focus your energy on how to do better the next time.

If you weren’t ready for the storm and were miserable without power for weeks or waiting on long gas lines.  How would you prepare differently for the next storm?  Would you have a generator?  Would you have filled your gas cans?

That’s your new plan.  responsibility

You have taken responsibility and learned the lesson from your previous lack of preparation.

Personal responsibility is the only way we can learn to do better next time.

Personal responsibility is empowering.

By taking personal responsibility we are exhibiting strength in the face of disaster.

It is through that strength that we will learn and grow.


Linda Fostek

The Crisis Planner

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